About Us

Real Estate Solutions in Today's Technology World 

Hagen Realty Group realizes that every client is different.  They are looking for a relationship with a professional who listens to their needs and goals. Today's real estate transaction is quite different than the way your grandparents bought and sold real estate. Today's buyers expect 24/7 access to information and the sellers expect communication. Hagen Realty Group has been bringing buyers and sellers together for over 24 years and understands "Selling with Innovative Technology and Communication" to meet today’s needs of both buyers and sellers. By utilizing an online bidding platform, we are creating Happy Buyers and Sellers! We are not your traditional listing real estate company.

We offer our clients two different listing options:

Option 1: Selling “As Is” & No Contingencies

Hagen Realty Group provides real estate services to clients who are looking for Pricing Strategy Discussions up front and a detailed marketing campaign focused on their property designed to maximize value.  Our success comes from our ability to identify the current market value of a property and to discuss client's expectations and determine if our aggressive online marketing campaign and bidding format is a good fit for that client before letting the client engage our services. Our expertise and capabilities have been applied in numerous scenarios; such as the corporate executive who understands time is money and knows the traditional listing model can take years to sale that unique property; or the property owner who needs the cash to proceed with another purchase who knows that overpricing their property would essentially be the same as taking the property off the market.  Our focus is to maximize the greatest value potential within the required time frame for business, individuals or estates that don’t want the hassle of financing contingencies, due diligence or property inspections and repairs, and typically include a higher earnest money deposit to insure the sale is consummated.   

Option 2: Selling with Flexible Terms & Possible Contingencies

With this option that we call the Two Plus Offers Guarantee, Hagen Realty Group will still provide the Pricing Strategy Discussions up front and will provide the same detailed marketing campaign described in Option 1.  This option is for the seller who is ready to sell and to insure the highest price possible, is willing to offer the property with flexible terms such as lower down payments and possible financing contingencies (allowing the buyer ample time to obtain the best lender for them).  This seller is also willing to offer seller concessions such as paying a portion of closing or make necessary repairs prior to closing.  Learn more about this option, click here.

Our Goal - To get your property sold and closed in 100 days or less

Headquartered in Metropolitan Atlanta, Hagen Realty Group has sold tens of thousands of properties throughout the United States and has a team of professional advisors who understand that each client's needs are different.  Our job is to maximize value through creating competition for your property using the most up to date marketing and technology tools. 

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