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Founded in 1991 as a full service real estate and equipment auction firm, we have seen and experienced many changes in the Real Estate and Auction Profession. Technology has changed the way we live our daily lives. The buyer of today uses the internet to research everything, especially a real estate purchase in detail before they talk with anyone. Buyers now have website services at their fingertips that provide information such as tax value, resent sales history, neighborhood and city data and even a perceived value of a property.

Hagen Realty Group is a firm that understands the seller’s need in this ever changing, technology-oriented world.  A recent survey shows that 83% of buyers want “Photos” of your property at their fingertips, 79% of buyers want “Detailed Property Information” before they step on your property and 43% of buyers want to see a “Video Tour” of your property before they make contact with any agent. Wow, how times have changed! 

This information tells us buyers want 24/7 access to information, not spending hours, days and sometimes weeks trying to get information concerning your property.  Also according to the same survey, 47% of buyers come from the internet and only 9% of buyers come from signs. Technology has changed how we bank, pay our bills, buy items and has changed the old real estate model of putting up a sign and waiting for the buyer to call. Today’s buyer uses technology to buy real estate and your property has to be on the web on numerous sites and have detailed information at the fingertips of the buyers when they want it.  

Hagen Realty Group is not your traditional real estate or auction firm. We are marketers of real estate using the most up-to-date technology to promote your property. We utilize multiple advertising components such as Email Broadcast, Social Media including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram as well as multiple real estate listing websites to market your property and insure it receives the most exposure possible. 

Our Website offers buyers access to Photos, Sample Contracts, Property Videos, Property Disclosures, a Detailed Property Information Package and all the details upfront, insuring that the buyer has all of the necessary information to determine their level of interest in your property and understands the terms of the sale.

You can have the best marketing in the world however if a seller’s expectations of value is unrealistic for the property, the property will not sale.

In our 24 years of experience we have dealt with clients who have unreal expectations for their property. Hagen Realty Group team members are upfront letting individuals know our services are not for individuals who have the mind set:

  • I do not have to sale
  • I do not care about market value, I want my price
  • I know my price is not based on value, I’m basing it on enough money to …………
  • I have this invested in my property and I am not going to sell it for a penny less
  • I have an old appraisal, I know its worth more than that now

Clients who have had great success selling real estate with Hagen Realty Group's online bidding format have the following mind set:

  • I need the money for ………
  • I want top dollar for my real estate and believe Hagen Realty Group’s detailed marketing and competitive bidding format will achieve top dollar
  • My goals, needs and/or wants have changed.  I am ready to sale and move on with my life
  • I do not like having people viewing my house/property for months
  • I like knowing the day my property will sell
  • I know by dictating the terms of the sale, buyers who bid are serious buyers with cash in hand and can close.  I control setting the terms of the sale such as increased down payment, selling the property “as is”, closing in less than 45 days, and not selling subject to someone obtaining financing.  It may limit the buyer pool, but it weeds out the “lookers”  

The online bidding method of selling real estate does not work for sellers with unrealistic expectation of value for their property. That’s why Hagen Realty Group team members sit down with clients and discuss market value for your property upfront. We believe that every property can be sold by our superior marketing and online bidding method for market value; however we do acknowledge not every seller has realistic pricing expectations for their property. We also acknowledge that not every buyer can buy through an online bidding event. Buyers with low credit scores, no money for down payments, and individuals who want concessions for everything from painting, new this and that, and sellers paying all or part of the closing or loan costs are not good buyers utilizing our method of selling real estate.

When it comes to pricing your property Hagen Realty Group is considerably different than the competition.  We are not your traditional real estate auction firm. We do not charge upfront marketing fees, no sale fees or do “Absolute Auctions” on real estate. What sets us apart is our unique style of sitting down with our clients and assisting them with a pricing strategy for their property upfront. We provide a market activity summary of properties sold, which includes recent sales, description of sales and days on market in writing.  After review of the market summary and determining the needs of the client. We will provide you a Projected Price range of the sale of your property in less than 90 days.  By doing this, we eliminate over-priced properties that result in no sales for the Seller.  And buyers will know that our clients are realistic and motivated.  In today’s ever-changing world, well-informed clients with realistic expectations, make happy sellers. Simply, we agree upon a minimum reserve price for your property upfront, if you are not willing to sale your property for that price, we thank you for your time and let you pursue more traditional methods. If the price range is acceptable to you once that reserve price is bid your property sells to the highest bidder at the conclusion of the online bidding event. In the event the minimum reserve price for your property is not achieved, you do not have to sale the property, you owe us nothing.  It’s that Simple – NO RISK. 

Is a Hagen Realty Group Online Bidding Event right for you?

In the traditional real estate listing:

  • Buyers decide when they want to make an offer, No sense of urgency
  • Buyer negotiates closing date
  • Buyers continue to negotiate with contingencies
  • Buyer controls the terms of the sale
  • Numerous and unscheduled showings
  • Buyer wants you to pay closing cost as well as other costs they may incur

By utilizing aggressive technology marketing tools and capitalizing on a Hagen Realty Group’s online bidding event, you are able to:

  • Know the closing date for your property upfront. Speedy Closing
  • Control the terms of the sale   
  • Predetermined purchase and sale agreements
  • Buyers come prepared to buy
  • Assurance that property will be sold at true market value
  • Exposes the property to a large number of pre-qualified prospects
  • Freezes the Market – Buyers focused on the excitement of your property auction
  • Creates competition among buyers—auction price can exceed the price of a negotiated sale
  • Requires potential buyers to pre-qualify for financing, no contingencies
  • Eliminates numerous and unscheduled showings
  • Buyer knows they are paying closing cost
  • Detailed Marketing Campaign Focused on YOUR Property

 Why the Hagen Realty Group Online Bidding Event Format?

  • Simple convenience. Potential buyers don’t need to leave the comfort of their home or work to bid
  • Online bidding can reach a larger population and wider demographic
  • Online bidding is slower paced and gives the buyer the comfort of not being pressured
  • Online bidding lets the buyer view all the bids and also place a protected bid
  • The buyer knows the seller is committed to sell
  • Buyers know they are competing fairly and on the same terms as all other buyers
  • Sellers can rest assured that any serious buyer had the chance to bid and buy

Hagen Realty Group has professionally marketed all types of real estate and business assets. From the local market to the national market, we know Real Estate, Business Liquidations and Estate Settlement.  For many years we have successfully sold property for individuals, business owners, financial institutions, capital funds, CMBS Lenders, special servicers, receivers, attorneys, trustees and certified development companies (CDCs).  Through these extensive and diversified experiences, since our 1991 beginning, we have been able to develop a WIN – WIN solution for our clients that everyone can rest assured that the very best advertising, marketing and professional personal service was provided to every type of property we sell, residential, land, farms or commercial.  We can proudly say, “A client can rest assured that the very best in services, experience and knowledge will be given in the sale of their property”.

We have obtained superior results for our clients and have sold a wide range of agricultural, residential and commercial properties, including homes, farms, timberland, hotels, convenience stores, condominiums, offices, restaurants, industrial properties, and resort properties.  By using the market activity summary worksheet, we can assess each property on a case-by-case basis and recommend if we are a good fit for a Hagen Online bidding event based on scores of factors, including:

  • Current Market Conditions: How many similar properties are for sale in your community (supply)?  How many days have these properties been for sale?
  • Highest and Best Use for the Property: Can we achieve better results by repositioning the property or focusing on a different target market?
  • Competitive Factors: How many similar properties have sold in your community (demand)? How quickly are similar properties being sold (absorption rate)? What have they sold for?
  • Pricing Strategy - By studying the history of buyers' interest to similar properties: After reviewing and studying the history of the market as to sales price range over the past twelve months, range of days on the market for similar properties, and demand for similar properties in your community, we will provide you with a "Pricing Strategy" for your property. 

 Thus giving you the ability to make an educated decision as to what’s best for you.

Our Promise to You:

Promise #1 – No listing agreement will be brought to the first meeting – No pressure

Promise #2 – We listen to the needs and goals of the client

Promise #3 – We will make honest recommendations based on current market conditions

Promise #4 – You are the client 

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The Hagen Difference

Our firm operates with the mindset “Sold with Innovative Technology and Communication”.  We understand you cannot lose the personal touch while using technology in selling client’s properties. Relationships and Technology are what we offer.  

Let us show you the “Hagen Difference” of how our clients capitalize on our professional and social media marketing services, our 24 years of real estate experience striving to get properties “Sold in 90 Days or Less” in their “As Is” condition and what many of our past Clients say “Sets us light years apart from our competition” are: 

  • Communication throughout the Process - Contract to Closing
  • "Pricing Strategy" Discussed Upfront, Not just listing property to get our sign on the property
  • No Pressure, Our "You’re the Boss" attitude
  • Personalize Detailed Marketing Campaign FOCUSED on your Property
  • Only charging a 3% Commission to the Seller
  • 180 Listing Agreement with No Upfront Marketing Cost
  • No Sale, No Cost
  • No Risk

 Our History

Hagen Realty Group's history goes back to 1991, when founder Kim H. Hagen conducted his first auction.  That year, Kim formed Hagen Auction Co., Inc. and later affiliated with a national chain.  Throughout these years, he made a careful study of what techniques were most effective for various types of properties, and he developed a vision for an approach that employed a full range of marketing options, in order to best meet the needs of each client and property.  That led to the formation of Hagen Realty Group, which has quickly emerged as one of the leading asset disposition firms, using a powerful online bidding event format.

Hagen has auctioned tens of thousands of properties in twenty-seven (27) states and DC, with satisfied auction clients.  Check out our "Scope of Business" for a sample of our previous engagements.

Hagen Realty Group can be contacted at 770-838-0552 or Toll Free at 1-800-942-6475.  

We don’t want to sell everybody’s property……Just Yours