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As a full service real estate and auction firm, Hagen Realty Group is considerably different than the competition.  What sets us apart is our unique style of sitting down with our clients and assisting them with a pricing strategy for their property. We provide a market activity summary of properties sold, which includes recent sales, description of sales and days on market.  After review of the market summary and determining the needs of the client, we recommend the best sales avenue to achieve the client’s goals – auction or accelerated listing.

By doing this, we eliminate over-priced properties that result in long listing periods for the Seller with no activity or offers.  And buyers will know that our clients are realistic and motivated.  In today’s economic turbulence, well-informed clients with realistic expectations, make happy sellers.

Hagen Realty Group has professionally marketed all types of real estate and business assets. From the local market to the national market, we know Real Estate, Business Liquidations and Estate Settlement.  For many years we have successfully sold property for individuals, business owners, financial institutions, capital funds, CMBS Lenders, special servicers, receivers, attorneys, trustees and certified development companies (CDCs).  Through these extensive and diversified experiences, since our 1991 beginning, we have been able to develop a WIN – WIN solution for our clients that everyone can rest assured that the very best advertising, marketing and professional personal service was provided to every type of property we sell, residential, land, farms or commercial.  We can proudly say, “A client can rest assured that the very best in services, experience and knowledge will be given in the sale of their property”.

We have obtained superior results for our clients by using the combination of auctions and accelerated listings to sell a wide range of agricultural, residential and commercial properties, including homes, farms, timberland, hotels, convenience stores, condominiums, offices, restaurants, industrial properties, and resort properties.  By using the market activity summary, we can assess each property on a case-by-case basis and recommend the method best suited based on scores of factors, including:

  • Current Market Conditions: How many similar properties are for sale in your community (supply)?  How many days have these properties been for sale?
  • Highest and Best Use for the Property: Can we achieve better results by repositioning the property or focusing on a different target market?
  • Competitive Factors: How many similar properties have sold in your community (demand)? How quickly are similar properties being sold (absorption rate)? What have they sold for?
  • Pricing Strategy - By studying the history of buyers' interest to similar properties: After reviewing and studying the history of the market as to sales price range over the past twelve months, range of days on the market for similar properties, and demand for similar properties in your community, we will provide you with a "Pricing Strategy" for your property. 

 Thus giving you the ability to make an educated decision as to what’s best for you.

Our Promise to You:

Promise #1 – No listing agreement will be brought to the first meeting – No pressure

Promise #2 – We listen to the needs and goals of the client

Promise #3 – We will make honest recommendations based on current market conditions

Promise #4 – You are the client 

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 Our History

Hagen Realty Group's history goes back to 1991, when founder Kim H. Hagen conducted his first auction.  That year, Kim formed Hagen Auction Co., Inc. and later affiliated with a national chain.  Throughout these years, he made a careful study of what techniques were most effective for various types of properties, and he developed a vision for an approach that employed a full range of marketing options, in order to best meet the needs of each client and property.  That led to the formation of Hagen Realty Group, which has quickly emerged as one of the leading asset disposition firms, using a powerful combination of accelerated listings and auctions.

Hagen has auctioned tens of thousands of properties in twenty-seven (27) states and DC, with satisfied auction clients.  Check out our "Scope of Business" for a sample of our previous engagements.

Hagen Realty Group can be contacted at 770-838-0552 or Toll Free at 1-800-942-6475.  

We don’t want to sell everybody’s property……Just Yours